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        Laminate worktops

        Laminate is a cost-effective and stylish solution for any kitchen. It is available in a range of contemporary designs, so you can get the look of real wood or stone, without the price-tag.

        • 7 colours available with matching edges
        • Available in either 28mm or 38mm depths

        Discuss worktops and design ideas with an expert.

        Discuss worktops and design ideas with an expert.

        1 Year Guarantee
        9 colours

        Key benefits of Laminate worktops

        • Affordable


          Laminate is a cheaper alternative to granite or wood, but still remains a high-quality work surface for your kitchen.

        • Hygienic


          Due to its smooth surface it is especially easy to wipe clean.

        • Installation


          Laminate is extremely easy to fit, and can be cut to size easier than materials such as granite.

        • Finishes


          Laminate can come in a wide range of depths and is also available with different patterns and colours.

        • Maintenance


          With a waterproof surface, laminate is not affected by spills of domestic chemicals and oils, making it a hard-wearing and durable choice.

        • 1 Year Warranty

          1 Year Guarantee

          An offer of complete reassurance to you in the dependability of Laminate worktops.
          Find out more about our guarantees

        Laminate worktop finishes

        • Beech


        • Black Stone

          Black Stone

        • Constellation


        • Hailstone


        • Light Oak Effect

          Light Oak Effect

        • Stone


        • Vermont


        • Walnut Effect

          Walnut Effect

        • White


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