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        Timber worktops

        Available in Oak or Walnut, the solid timber worktops come in depths of either 40mm or 60mm and are a durable choice for a worktop to suit any lifestyle. The timber worktop can look traditional and friendly or contemporary and eye catching, depending on which of our Infinity or Infinity Plus units it is paired with.

        • Two options available
        • Solid Oak or Walnut
        • Two depths - 40 or 60mm

        Discuss worktops and design ideas with an expert.

        Discuss worktops and design ideas with an expert.

        5 Year Guarantee
        2 depths available
        3 colours

        Key benefits of Timber worktops

        • Style


          Each piece is unique due to different patterns in the grain, giving your kitchens its own unique charm.

        • Affordable


          Timber is a very high-quality worktop material, but is a cheaper alternative to granite.

        • Repairable


          If Timber is scratched, it can be sanded down with a wire brush to make the surface smooth again, however due to the pattern, small scratches can add to the charisma and make it look better with age.

        • Hygienic


          With its own anti-bacterial properties, it becomes an ideal area for food preparation.

        • Maintenance


          Although Timber requires a level of care, you should only need to oil it twice a year to reseal it and restore its water resistance, but maintenance will keep it in top condition.

        • Long-lasting


          Wood is a very strong and durable material, and If looked after properly, a wooden worktop can last in your kitchen for years.

        Timber worktop finishes

        • African Teak

          African Teak

        • Oak


        • Walnut


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